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By admin on January 08, 2024 with 0 Comments

Ana de Armas is rumored to star as twins in an upcoming A24 fantasy epic from director Nicholas Ashe Bateman and producer David Lowery.

You can question her on-screen performances, but in the contemporary period, she is undeniably one of the most relevant stars. Having portrayed iconic roles in films like Blade Runner 2049, Blonde, and No Time To Die, Ana is now set to be associated with one of the best studios.

As A24 gathers praise for their wrestling drama, The Iron Claw, there are now rumors of them collaborating with Ana de Armas and Rosalía is rumored to begin production later this year.

Given her recent promising performances, A24 can undoubtedly bring out the best in her. Ana is set to work with director Nicholas Ashe Bateman and producer David Lowery, though the project’s name remains unknown.

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